Portfolio Gallery

Anything Museum

Page illustrated his recognizable characters, WigglyJoy, for a large inflatable museum.

Invisible Girl

For 826DC | 826 National, Page illustrated an invisible girl with her new pal Cheetah Lion.

The Last Pizza Slice

For Young Storytellers, Page created a cover illustration which was used at a fundraiser with actors Tony Hale, Randall Park, and Max Greenfield, among others.

Wizard of Oz Story

Kevin Page adds his whimsical style to the classic Wizard of Oz.

Cowboy with Sweet Gum

In Kevin Page's recognizable style, a cowboy enjoys a sunset with some sweet gum.

Flower Swim

In Page's unique style, a lady enjoys a swim with flowers.

Contributor Newspaper

Page created the cover illustration and spot illustrations for the Poetry edition.

Rockefeller Center

Page's illustration art was featured at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Cover Art

Page created a cover illustration for Young Storyteller's Story Club.

Nature Cloud

Calm scenes with people in clouds of nature.

Pop Bold Characters

Showcase of Page's bold and bright character design.

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